Fequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is rental assistance?

A: Rental assistance is a subsidy that comes from Rural Development to assist individuals with their rent.

Q: How is my rent determined?

A: If a property has basic and note rent, it is based on your monthly income, less any deductions for medical expenses, childcare expenses, etc. and if there is rental assistance available. Please call the manager of the property to get an estimate.

Q: What is basic rent?

A: Basic rent is the minimum rent amount, if rental assistance is not available. If rental assistance is available, your rent could be less than basic rent.

Q: What is note rent?

A: Note rent is the maximum rent for the property.

Q: Are utilities included?

A: At some of our senior complexes all utilities are paid, including electricity. Please check the home page of the specific property to find out.

Q: Do you accept HUD vouchers?

A: We accept HUD vouchers at all of our complexes. You will need to verify the property rents with the local HUD office.

Q: Is there an application fee?

A: No.

Q: What if I have no income?

A: You will have to pay your rent and basic needs, such as food and clothing. You must prove you have the means to pay for these items, even if there is rental assistance available.

Q: I own my house, can I still move in?

A: Yes. We verify all assets, take the income from those assets and add it to your regular income to determine your rent. You do not need to dispose of assets to move in.

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